With InterVenture we are able to extend our in-house team optimally. Due to the agile organisation and direct communication, our team in Belgrade is completely involved in all major projects.

Jeremy Seitz


InterVenture Best Practices: Craftsman, Not a Smith

Posted by InterVenture on June 16, 2015

Writing code is a beautiful experience. Every programmer will surely testify it is. Writing software is a different thing, though. It is a job, and it comes with things not so attractive. First of all, it comes with customer requirements. Then it comes with schedules and deadlines. It is also known of constant change,


Treffen Sie uns and der diesjährigen topsoft in Zürich

Posted by InterVenture on June 9, 2015

InterVenture ist auch dieses Jahr an der topsoft am 25. und 26. August in Zürich dabei.

Wir freuen uns auf interessante Gespräche rund um das Thema erfolgreiches IT Outsourcing.

Besuchen Sie uns und lassen Sie uns besprechen wie unser OWN TEAM Nearshoring Model Ihnen langfristige Wettbewerbsvorteile verschaffen kann.


InterVenture Best Practises: Estimates In the Agile Development Process

Posted by InterVenture on May 27, 2015

Yes, developers are strange. Let’s just face it. Developers operate on a different wavelength than managers. Agile developers in particular tend to deliver in short cycles, listen for the client feedback and turn that into the next development cycle.

At the same time, management wants to know dates and costs.


InterVenture Best Practises: Product Owner, Not Project Manager

Posted by InterVenture on May 12, 2015

In our company, we are trying to regulate the development in slightly indirect ways. We have recognized that direct management of developers is a bad idea. Quite the contrary, we have recognized that nourishing a well-informed product owner brings benefits that cannot be achieved otherwise.

Product owner is responsible to join the three poles of the structure: clients,


InterVenture Best Practises: If It Ain’t Simple, It Ain’t Agile

Posted by InterVenture on April 28, 2015

Writing software is amazingly simple when it comes to processes. Don’t let the complexity of the software itself sneak into the process of producing code. Understanding and modeling the domain, testing and packaging, all of those are one side of the coin. Managing the process is the other side.


Serbia’s ICT Industry Report 2015

Posted by InterVenture on March 2, 2015

“The outsourcing sector of the software development industry has long favoured Asian countries for low costs of service, thus helping the software development outsourcing to India gain momentum over the years. However, tables are turning and Eastern European countries are asserting their presence in the IT outsourcing market,


Let’s have a chat on the “Silicon Valley meets Switzerland” day on 12th March

Posted by InterVenture on February 5, 2015

Dear Friends,  “Out of the Box Thinkers” and Entrepreneurs

Another very interesting opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss potential cooperation ideas is emerging on 12th March in Brugg-Windisch.

The “Silicon Valley meets Switzerland” event: will host exciting start-up stories from both sides of the ocean and we will be present with our own stand as the co-sponsor of the meet-up.


Pick Your Development Tool: ConEmu – switch to consoles for more productive programming

Posted by InterVenture on January 27, 2015

Developers in my company (and most senior developers in general) are power users. Power users often need to access functionality of OS that is not available in GUI (or meant to be). On the other hand, they want to automate repetitive tasks.

This is the place where consoles step in.


Sprint Planning in Distributed Scrum Team: Lessons Learned

Posted by InterVenture on January 13, 2015

Having a team which is separated geographically carries several challenges, one of them being the question of planning sprints. Root problem here is that members holding different roles are stationed in distant offices.

One of the most important lines of division appears between business analysts and development staff.



Posted by InterVenture on December 8, 2014

“… As the world market for ICT continues to evolve towards outsourced software engineering, offshore systems design and integration, Serbia is well-placed both geographically and structurally to provide a cost-effective, reliable alternative to more established markets. An outstanding pool of intellectual capital, attractive labor costs, excellent skills, good communications networks and a high fluency in English are just some of the key competitive advantages that persuade international companies to expand their businesses to Serbia.”