With InterVenture we are able to extend our in-house team optimally. Due to the agile organisation and direct communication, our team in Belgrade is completely involved in all major projects.

Jeremy Seitz


9 Key Factors for successful Nearshoring

Posted by InterVenture on October 28, 2014

Building a talented and strong distributed team from various disciplines is in any new project or venture a challenge. But the most difficult thing to find is, not necessarily people with certain skills, but an organisational and management style which allows distributed team members to develop their full potential and remain intrinsically motivated over a long period of time.


IT Outsourcing Service Provider Performance & Satisfaction

Posted by InterVenture on October 14, 2014

“IT- Auslagerungen sind im Trend. Der Grund für IT-Outsourcing ist bei den meisten Firmen im DACH-Raum die Kosteneinsparung. Zwei Drittel der Unternehmen verlagern Daten und Prozesse ins Ausland.”



Fachkräftemangel macht viele Firmen ratlos

Posted by InterVenture on September 29, 2014

“Ein Fünftel der vom IT Fachkräftemangel betroffenen Unternehmen sucht laut Manpower-Studie inzwischen ausserhalb der eigenen Region nach Talenten…”



InterVenture Belgrade Office

Posted by InterVenture on September 25, 2014

We are PET FRIENDLY and always will be.


Der Schweiz fehlen 30’000 Informatiker

Posted by InterVenture on September 8, 2014

Die neuste Prognose des Berufsverbands der IT-Spezialisten warnt vor einem Informatikermangel. Bis zum Jahr 2022 werden der Schweiz rund 30’000 Fachkräfte fehlen.




A tour through Belgrade

Posted by InterVenture on August 22, 2014

Join our tour through BELGRADE – the beautiful, never-sleeping capital of Serbia and Europe’s emerging IT Hotspot.


Outsourcing and Offshoring in CEE: Colliers White Paper Q2 2014

Posted by InterVenture on August 4, 2014

“Belgrade represents one of two south-Eastern countries in the CEE region – Bulgaria and Serbia – which are reported to have the highest percentage of graduates holding technical degrees in IT and engineering across the CEE region. This underpins the potential of these locations as suitable locations for O&O operators.”