With InterVenture we are able to extend our in-house team optimally. Due to the agile organisation and direct communication, our team in Belgrade is completely involved in all major projects.

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Distinction between Project Companies & Dedicated Team Models

Posted by InterVenture on April 1, 2019

All businesses strive to get the most out of the least amount of money. In the past, this would have meant doing everything in-house. However, with modern technological innovations, this is even more attainable by utilising new models.

One concept that helps companies save resources is outsourcing.


4 Ansätze zum Minimieren von Risiken im IT-Outsourcing

Posted by InterVenture on March 15, 2019

Die Komplexität der IT-Branche und die rasante Digitalisierung macht es vielen Unternehmen schwer, profitable IT-Projekte umzusetzen. Den wachsenden Ansprüchen der Branche stand zu halten, stellt für viele Unternehmen aufgrund eines internen Mangels an Fach- und Expertenwissen eine Herausforderung dar. Dementsprechend ist die Nachfrage nach kompetenten Softwareentwicklern und IT-Experten,


6 proven benefits of a dedicated software development team

Posted by InterVenture on March 1, 2019

When it comes to IT-outsourcing, there are different pricing models and certain types of cooperation a company should consider in order to determine what model suits the company’s needs best. Popular pricing models such as fixed pricing, time and material, and project outsourcing gained relevance in the recent years,


TWINT and InterVenture enter a Nearshore Tech Partnership

Posted by Marko Djuric on February 22, 2019

TWINT was founded in 2014 and evolved until today into Switzerland’s leading digital wallet app. With the TWINT app, you can make quick and secure online payments, transfer money to friends and family, make cashless payments in most of Switzerland’s stores an even pay for your parking slot.


Developers sitting in front of their computers working

6 gute Gründe für die Beschäftigung serbischer Softwareentwickler

Posted by InterVenture on February 15, 2019

Das Outsourcing von Software Development Projekten und IT-Tätigkeiten gewinnt für viele Unternehmen in West- und Mitteleuropa an Bedeutung, da es für sie immer schwieriger wird geeignete IT-Fachkräfte zu finden. Bei der Frage nach qualifizierten Softwareentwicklern geht der Blick vermehrt nach Osteuropa, wo zuverlässige IT-Experten und Programmierer zu attraktiven Konditionen qualitativ hochwertige Arbeit leisten.


5 Major Reasons to partner with Software Development Companies in Eastern Europe

Posted by InterVenture on February 1, 2019

Eastern Europe is emerging as the new IT hub for software developers seeking to outsource. Countries in this region of the world have no shortage of skilled IT experts or relevant resources to get the job done. For instance, Serbia has over 2,000 IT companies and over 11,000 IT graduates.


How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Software Development

Posted by InterVenture on January 18, 2019

Software development is the process of creating software through a series of successive stages such as writing code, preparing requirements, designing software, as well as  ascertaining that the final product fulfils its aims. Commercial development of software is typically done in response to a market gap, whereas enterprise software is developed in response to enterprise needs.


7 essentielle Tipps für das Management von Remote Software Development Teams

Posted by InterVenture on January 7, 2019

Eine effiziente Zusammenarbeit von Teams und Projektgruppen innerhalb eines Unternehmens ist ein wesentlicher Faktor für den Erfolg. Insbesondere, wenn sich die Mitarbeiter an unterschiedlichen geografischen Standorten befinden und durch die voranschreitende Digitalisierung in der Lage sind, aus der Ferne simultan an einem Projekt zu arbeiten, ist das erfolgreiche Führen und Leiten von Arbeitsgruppen ein Muss.


JobCloud partners with InterVenture to complement its development team

Posted by Marko Djuric on December 18, 2018

JobCloud, Switzerland`s largest online job market platform extends its core tech team with InterVenture to set the right stage for upcoming innovations. To tackle new challenges in the game of matching the right job seekers with the best opportunities on the market, JobCloud will increasingly leverage technologies like artificial intelligence,


Software Development in Europe

Posted by InterVenture on December 7, 2018

In today’s modern world, software development has become the backbone of all digitised applications and smart devices. It primarily consists of programming instructions and data that tell devices how to execute various tasks. As for its industry, the IT sector has gained just as much significance. According to CompTIA,