With Offshoring, the operating activities are relocated to another country and the geographical location is irrelevant.

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So, what are the benefits of offshoring?

Typically, most corporations offshore different segments of their business for different reasons. But for the majority, lower
cost plays an important and primary role.

Main advantages of offshoring:

Lower prices

A lot of services become substantially cheaper when outsourced, especially for those in the IT industry, due to the workforce in smaller countries being cheaper. However, a paramount reason why companies choose to offshore is the huge difference in taxes and tariff relieves which you can benefit from.


For a specialized field, such as software development or web design, offshoring can give you direct access to a specialist based in other countries, with vast skills and knowledge of the required area, who will be able to render fast cost-effective brilliant results.


Offshoring simply allows you to pay for exactly what you need. You don’t need to hire a new employee or a whole new team and have to spend time training them. You simply give the job to a qualified specialist and pay for the final service or the hours they have worked.

Outsourcing vs Offshoring

In today’s world of business, the meaning of ‘offshoring’ is being confused with ‘outsourcing’ due to the similarity in the concept of both words. Do you know the difference between ‘outsourcing’ and ‘offshoring’?

Offshoring Definition

The practice of contracting a third-party company from another country to carry out various operations or services, so as to take advantage of lower costs.

Outsourcing Definition

Contracting or subcontracting of a company’s processes or services to another organization who holds a competitive advantage of knowledge in a specific area. Often a decision to downsize the workforce and to reduce costs.

Essentially, ‘outsourcing’ is the overarching term for contracting your services to another company, without the specification of its location. Whilst ‘offshoring’ literally means contracting a service from a company which is located in another country for benefits like low labour costs. However, offshoring can also have its disadvantages.

Disadvantages of offshoring overseas:

Communication issues:
A major drawback of offshoring is the language barrier. Even when there is a common language, the understanding and depth of knowledge differ. Accents can also make communication difficult.

Cultural and social barriers:
Cultural differences and behaviours can have an impact on a business partnership. This is why Intercultural communication (ICC) is a primary necessity, as it can lessen potential misunderstandings, reduce the risk of perceived insensitivity and minimise cause for offence.

Time zone differences:
Companies working with other companies in different time zones will need to assign and adapt to appropriate shift patterns.

Offshoring requires extra strict protocols and safety measures to be implemented.

Higher offshore costs:
Labour costs might be reduced by 70%, but other utilities could be more costly in other countries, such as electricity.

But, offshoring needn’t be to a
distant country…

Have you considered Nearshoring?

The term ‘nearshoring’ is when an organisation decides to transfer its work to another organisation based in a neighbouring country within the same region, for reasons including same spoken language and data protection laws, fewer cultural discrepancies, as well as small or no timezone differences.

Other advantages include:

Less expensive travel for visits due to proximity

Greater control and timely decision-making

Similar financial and legal constraints

Why InterVenture?


With InterVenture you can have your very own dedicated software development team in Serbia. Fast. Cost-efficient. Sustainable.

By building up a dedicated development team in Serbia, InterVenture offers you a proven nearshoring solution which enables you to extend your development capacities on a cost-efficient and sustainable basis.

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