Virtual teams: A cost effective way to build a professional IT department

Posted by InterVenture on August 30, 2016

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Growing medium-sized companies are often faced with a difficult decision in terms of the IT department. They either rely on the IT department internally (in-house) or they opt for outsourcing. This important decision should be well covered however because both solutions have advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of an internal IT department

Although an internal IT department has some advantages, however, it also results in high costs. System administrators and programmers are usually full-time employees and they must, of course, be paid regularly. On the other hand, company specialists are locally based and able to react immediately in case of any problems. The company also requires a relatively large space for an internal IT department. This, of course, means further costs. In order to provide sufficient additional space for the IT department, other important areas of the company need to be reduced. In view of the high costs and the large amount of space, more and more medium-sized companies choose to replace the in-house department for an external solution.

Building an external IT department

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By nearshoring (outsourcing in closeby countries) companies can recruit their customised IT staff. Companies can choose among high qualified individuals and specialists can search based on their needs. Unlike offshore or Farshoring employees do not work in a distant country or on another continent. The external IT staff is not on site, but are still part of the company and use the same systems as the internal employees. The company can evaluate performance and cost effectiveness of external staff directly. Companies can expand an existing team or rebuild a department entirely with external staff and the current in-house staff.

What are virtual teams? Employees at different physical locations communicating via video conferencing and internet tools providing worldwide professional expertise and know-how. Companies do not need to worry about infrastructure nor administration and may additionally reduce their costs significantly.

Nearshoring: a better outsourcing alternative

Companies opting for an outsourced IT department will benefit from several advantages. A virtual team of professionals assisting the company as its own employees. There is a direct the IT staff and regular contact between the company and the employees. The company pays for the services in terms of a personal reward. Contracts of external staff are easier to be canceled than in-house staff ones. This will help companies to benefit from a much higher flexibility and can adjust staffing requirements at all times. In the various areas of IT capacity, it can be cost efficient and expanded to other sustainable.

A professional and flexible IT department


By using virtual teams, companies get a professional IT department. These can be individually adapted and expanded or decreased as required. Companies save on an outsourced IT department a lot of time, cost, and of course space. Also, unlike other outsourcing methods, there are great advantages.

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