6 proven benefits of a dedicated software development team

Posted by InterVenture on March 1, 2019

When it comes to IT-outsourcing, there are different pricing models and certain types of cooperation a company should consider in order to determine what model suits the company’s needs best. Popular pricing models such as fixed pricing, time and material, and project outsourcing gained relevance in the recent years, yet establishing a dedicated software development team is the most common engagement model for long-lasting business relationships. A dedicated software development model is one where a company outsources its software development through a third party. The third party recruits competent and qualified employees that can realise a given project to the expectations of the company. Here are the benefits of this model:

1) Access to a larger talent Pool

In software development, the company either has the talent or the talent is hired. However, with a dedicated development team, this is not an issue. Businesses are able to access all the talent required for the project whenever it is needed. As a result, there is less money spent on training the staff, who may decide to leave the company once the training has ended. This will mean a project will be completed and tested in less time than it would take to train an internal team.

2) Adopt relevant technologies not available in-house

Another benefit of using a dedicated development team is the access to technology, which companies might not have internally. Some of the tools used in software development can be quite expensive. Additionally, some of these tools may not even be up for sale. They are developed as proprietary technology and only hired out at high prices. A dedicated development team might have access to these tools at a more affordable rate. They may also have developed their own tools. Thus, businesses are able to utilise this technology with ease and at a fraction of the price that it costs to buy it.

3) Long-term business relationship

Some of the software development projects can carry on for months or years. With a dedicated development team, you can always be sure of access to talent. Once a company has worked with an outsourced team of developers and the delivered work meets the established expectations, a long-term relationship has been formed. As for any upcoming IT-projects, the company may likely consider rehiring the team. Even when the project runs for years, the dedicated team will always possess the talent to carry out the project. This is a major reason why companies used dedicated development teams as they do not have to worry about employee turnover and projects being abandoned halfway due to a lack of expertise.

4) Market new products and features faster

This is another essential reason why a dedicated development team is beneficial. With an internal team, businesses may not have all the tools and skills needed to develop and market an innovative product or service. As a result, a company will be forced to spend money and time on developing required IT skills on how to develop a software internally. This is not an issue with a dedicated development team. Businesses can hit the ground running from the first day.

5) Provide the team with skilled expertise without hurting the bottom line

A dedicated development team will help you co-build software and apps while the internal team learns from the developer’s valuable expertise. It is easier for the company to react to changing requirements and capacity needs if they can rely on the know-how of the dedicated development team; it makes IT outsourcing more flexible and scalable. For instance, businesses do not have to take care of infrastructural issues, payroll management, or office facilities as the administrational aspects are executed by the outsourcing partner. Not only are businesses able to focus on their core activities, but costs are also lowered immensely.

6) Focus on core business

When businesses do not possess required skills in-house, money and time are spent on developing them internally. While focusing on employee training, the company’s core business is left behind and resources and efforts are not effectively distributed. While it may be a one-off project that the company is carrying out, it could be distracting from other business aspects, which causes the overall performance of the company to suffer. Establishing a dedicated development team ensures that businesses are able to fully focus on their primary tasks.

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