Why Nearshoring in Belgrade? This is another interesting reason: Lonely Planet’s best places in Europe 2015

Posted by InterVenture on June 18, 2015

Belgrade is shaping up to become the tech hub of Southeast Europe due to the large local talent pool. We witness this development on an everyday basis and there are currently many good software companies coming to Belgrade. We also witness many engineers from the neighboring countries (Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Macedonia….) moving to Belgrade as there are all the advantages of a modern city – good infrastructure, a very interesting and positive spirit, nice weather conditions combined with a stable political situation. There is also a clear 2018 roadmap for Serbia direction EU.

Next to these “hard facts” Lonelyplanet is giving another interesting reason for nearshoring in Belgrade:

“Wearing its elegant but crumbling facades as a badge of honour, Belgrade has emerged as Europe’s in-the-know destination in recent years. Its boisterous nightlife has brought comparisons to those much more famous (and expensive) ‘Bs’ in the west, Barcelona and Berlin. Add in hearty cuisine, a blossoming hostel scene and improved air connections to the rest of Europe, and the stage is set for exploring beyond the river-barge clubs….”

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