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Our code base is huge, and it takes on the average six months for new colleagues to start understanding the full scope of our software. Therefore it was imperative to us that our nearshoring partner secures our knowledge-transfer investments by providing us with dedicated development teams, which do not rotate on different projects but work exclusively with us. InterVenture convinced us, as the Own Team Model reflects precisely this way of dedicated long-term development cooperations.

Lars, Engineering Lead Escriba AG, Berlin

ESCRIBA AG is the leading provider of technology for the digitisation of document-intensive processes. The software allows users to create high-quality and individualised documents in any digital or analogue form, as well as to control processes through simple means. The ESCRIBA software can be used in various business areas: ESCRIBA can digitise and simplify processes in Sales, Service, Human Resources, Finance, Controlling or the Legal Department.

Tech Talk

Our software allows users to create high-quality and individual documents in any digital and analogue form as well as to automate the document creation process itself. The ESCRIBA Software runs on Java and JavaScript stack. Various technologies are used to create Desktop clients, RICH web clients, APIs and business logic captured in Enterprise Java Beans.


Team Lead Escriba, Belgrade

We’ve managed to conquer a complex legacy system and learned that transferring domain knowledge to a remote team can be compared to moving from monolith to microservice architecture. The InterVenture team in Belgrade has been part of Escriba since 2015 and we are happy to be part of this challenging engineering story and work on hard technical problems.



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