As a SME we rely on committed and competent employees as well as on reasonable development costs. With the DEDICATED TEAM MODEL in Belgrade InterVenture offers us both.

Stephan Mahler
CEO, ProCloud AG


How long does it take to build up a team?

The period of time which is required to set up a development team depends on the desired qualifications and the project size (number of required resources). As a general rule, it takes 4-6 weeks to recruit a developer.

How is the recruiting process organised?

After we have understood your requirements regarding the technical know-how and experience, we look for suitable candidates within our network as well as on the free labour market in Serbia. After a multi-stage assessment process we present to the client recommendations for the employment of specific profiles.

What are the qualities of developers from Serbia?

Serbia offers many qualified software specialists in the most diverse development technologies. The quality of Serbian software developers is shaped by a very good higher education system with traditional focus on natural sciences. They are characterised by a high sense of responsibility, loyalty and a co-thinking mentality. Most developers from Serbia have also substantial working experience with international companies and excellent English skills.