Country: Switzerland Field: E-commerce Technology: Java Ltd. was founded in November 1999 under the name of in Baar (ZG) and has been part of the Ricardo Group since 2008. Currently, over 2,3 million members are trading goods amounting to over 660 million Swiss Francs yearly, making the biggest Swiss online marketplace. The platform for new and used cars is also part of the Ricardo Group.

Our development team in Belgrade is increasingly becoming our 3rd fully recognised engineering pillar, next to Zug and Valbonne.

Jeremy, CTO Ricardo AG, Zurich



Our platform is based on a microservice architecture where services communicate either directly (using REST or RPC) or using event-sourcing mechanisms. The persistence storage is mainly the SQL database with services being packed into Docker containers and Kubernetes being used for orchestration. Although we have our own data centre, the platform is “cloud ready”.

Our primary programming languages for developing microservices are Java, Go and NodeJS and different frameworks around them. For the frontend part, we mainly use React/Redux.

We are working on very challenging parts of the core platform, and our work has a direct impact on the end users. We are happy about the given freedom to take decisions on our own, but we are also aware of the responsibility which goes hand in hand with this.

Milos, Lead Ricardo Team, Belgrade


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