Country: Switzerland Field: Online Jobs Platform Technology: PHP

JobCloud is the leading player in Switzerland’s online employment market, offering various recruiting solutions as well.

Looking for skilled developers is always a hard task. Working with InterVenture enables us to reduce hiring frictions and focus on the real need of our business: building reliable and future-proof web applications. Even though there is a physical distance between us, my teams in Zurich and in Belgrade cooperate almost as if we are all working in the same office. InterVenture supported us with valuable tips and tricks, which made it easy for us to ensure a smooth communication in our distributed setup.

Daniel, CTO


JobCloud was struggling with its previous technology partner as developers initially assigned to JobCloud projects were frequently shifted to other projects and clients, which resulted in the loss of the built-up know-how and general business context understanding of the team. As the company is tackling new complex projects in the field of artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality it was key to ensure that the new development team remains dedicated to its projects in the long run.

We are involved in the decision-making process of JobCloud, which is why working in such an environment is a real pleasure. Additionally, using cutting-edge technologies like PHP 7, Slim micro framework, MongoDB, Kafka, Docker, Auth0 etc. makes the work both exciting and challenging.

Marko, Team Lead – Belgrade


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