Country: Switzerland Field: Online scheduling tool Technology: Java, Web

Doodle is the world’s leading online scheduling tool and available in 17 languages. As a smart assistant, Doodle saves millions of people time and nerves in organising meeting dates and getting people together. Doodle is free and requires no registration, neither by the creator of polls nor those seeking relevant information or partaking in meeting polls. Doodle offers a wide range of solutions for arranging dates and deadlines and the creation of meeting polls – whether mobile, on your desktop, paper or an electronic calendar. And, with the Doodle Premium online scheduling tool for professional individuals (Premium Doodle private), as well as the tools for companies and organisations (Premium Doodle Business or Enterprise), you can cut out the ads as well. Worldwide, Doodle is both professionally and personally used by over 26 million people each month.

For me, it is a real pleasure to collaborate with our teammates in Belgrade. We challenge and consult each other on different topics such as design decisions and scalability, but the final code remains the individual responsibility of each developer.

Daniele, Engineering Lead Doodle AG, Zurich


Doodle was looking to set up a 3rd engineering centre, next to Zurich and Berlin to increase the time to market of new features, in particular for the premium business and enterprise clients. One of the key decision factors was the need to fence in the built up know-how base in the long run. As InterVenture`s Extended Team Model builds on long-term know-how security, 100% dedication and exclusive development work based on the principle: one team – one partner, all of this guaranteed by the Swiss law, Doodle has chosen us as the strategic nearshoring partner.

Before working as a software engineer at Doodle, I have used the tool myself in private. Now, it is amusing that I can contribute to the development of some features, which I thought would be useful when I was using it for private matters.

Aleksandar, Lead Doodle Team, Belgrade


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