Our team in Belgrade has taken over full ownership of our existing core system and works closely with our in-house engineers on delivering new features.

Andreas Emlinger CEO, Global Pension AG


Nearshoring and dedicated software development team in Serbia

by in Nearshoring, News | 13.10.2016


On the initiative of the Swiss Embassy, Ms. Katalin Dreher, Senior Expert for SEE, with the Switzerland-Global Enterprise (S-GE) visited the complex of STP Belgrade andInterVenture

S-GE has been commissioned by the Swiss government to inform, advise and guide SMEs from Switzerland and Liechtenstein in their international business ventures, thus facilitating efficient location and foreign trade promotion. It links companies with experts and organizations around the world.

Marko Djuric, Manager Partner at InterVenture and Ms. Katalin Dreher shared about Nearshoring and dedicated software development team in Serbia.


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